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DM CONTEC consulting has gained since the company formation a lot of experience through the variety of projects in many different areas. The Goal of DM-CONTEC consulting is to improve your company and bring it to excellence. To solve internal problems long term and to find for your company the right Partners for a project. Especially for Arabic companies it can be challenging to find a qualitative company who fit their demands. The most projects it made DM-CONTEC in the following areas.

Consalting in terms of quality: We set new standards in terms of quality in your company. Due to the Audit background of our company we have wisdom about how to increas the quality of your company.
Consalting in terms of cooperation between arabic and european countries: Due to the fact that the CEO Doc Dipl Ing Mohamed Hassan growed up in egypt he knows the arbic culture and due to he made his master and doc in austria and also worked as engineer he and his multicultural team a the perfect consalter for cooperation.
Consulting in terms of energy/water saving: Due to the high demand over the year of companies who asked DM-CONTEC for consalting in terms of saving energy in hotels or water in plant irrigation DM-CONTEC build up a spezial sector of consulting in term of energy/water saving.