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DM-CONTEC has 3 main sectors consulting, training and audit. Since the year 2020 DM-CONTEC is adding a pillar to its foundation with working on an intelligent individual irrigation controller for long-term success in terms of water consumption. DM-CONTEC consulting succeed especially through the good consultation between European and Arab companies working on a common project. DM-CONTEC Training has several qualified trainers who already trained companies’ employees especially in the technical sector. Since recently DM-CONTEC added the training sector of certification. DM-CONTEC Audit brings your company certifications and sets new standards.

Dr Dipl. Ing Mohamed Hassan studied electrical engineering at the TU (technical university of Vienna) and graduated successfully. After that he continued with the master and worked for BOREALIS several years. While working he continued with making the Masters Shortly after he succeeded the master he continued with the doctoral and also successfully finished the doctorate at the TU Wien. In the yeah 2008 he decided to found his own company DM-CONTEC.



In the First few years DM-CONTEC startet with consulting projects.

There DM-CONTEC made especially consulting in projects where European and Arabic companies working together on a project. One example is the Haram project where the European crane company “Palfinger” built their cranes on the haram Mimba in Mecca and DM-CONTEC played a key role for the success of that projects.

In the year 2010 the company expanded with adding the training sector to the company.

2016 DM-CONTEC added to the training and consulting sector the audit sector. DM CONTEC is qualified to lead the audit of iso 9001 business continuity 14001 and much more have a look on the audit section. Furthermore, the Training section added a lot of audit training.

Due to the years of consulting in irrigation System since 2016 and working on water saving projects in the year 2019 DM-CONTEC get a grant for an Intelligent individual irrigation System and working currently with TU (technical university of Vienna) Wien on the intelligent individual Irrigation short I2B project.